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Hi am trying a white noise generator from today, does any one else here have one, and does any body know any one that has had positive results thanks mike
  • Hi, i've used a w.n.g. for about a year now, i get loud "t" most of the time and the sound varies, sometimes really annoying. I guess there is better out there but this little gadget does help train my brain and at times when things get too much it does help get me out of trouble
  • ive had a white noise generator for a few months and found it sounded the same as the tinnitus so wasnt helping at all, but today just went to see audiologist and they have fitted me with a digital generator as opposed to analogue generator and they adjusted the white noise via the computer to a much deeper lower pitch sound. i think this seems a lot better sound.will let you know how it goes.
  • well the problem is, they make the same sound as i hear, so its just more of the same but louder,.. a sound on a sound, I was offered support and councelling, and have had some , but not easy. I watched a tv programm last night channel 5 @ 9 pm called i think < beyond boundarys >, < its on next week too > any way a guy called mark, who is quite deaf, has Tinnitus and they are all disabled in some way are trekking across africa, try to watch it next week as its quite inspiring, any way im rambling, so cheers for now Micky
  • As far as I can remember she has been using them alongside guidance via a hearing therapist, or some other..... They are to help her tinnitus, and also her oversensitivity to some noises...
    I'm afraid that is all I can say.... Sorry....

    I think they were adjusted occasionally......

    How are you getting on with yours? Are you well supported while you use them??
  • Oh thats good can you tell me any more ?