Ear Infection

Last weekend I acquired a minor ear infection which blocked my ear. After the blocked sensation left me, I noticed tinnitus in the affected ear at about the same volume as a small desk fan. It has been 8 days since my ringing started, and so far it hasn't got noticeably quieter (nor any louder). I've had this twice before and the ringing usually goes down, but I am a little nervous that this time it won't. What is the usual time these thinghs take to heal? The doctor told me it will go away, and I'm wondering if anyone here has had the same problem?
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  • My tinnitus came from an ear infection as well and it went away within a month. Trust me you will be fine. I just got through mine and now living tinnitus free. I thought it was gonna be forever but i was wrong. Very glad to have my life back. Youll have yours back too. Dont worry youre gonna be fine trust me!!

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