hearing aids......................

Can anyone tell me if you have a hearing loss and tinnitus, would digital hearing aids help.
  • Margaret,
    my T is not as bad as other contributors but my digital H A help a lot. I have just had mine upgraded at the ENT @ Brighton and they are great, much more versatile with a 4th setting specifically for the car, I'm a taxi driver which is not the best job in the world when you are challenged in this way. Badger
  • Hi... i ve been wearing programmable (not didgital) hearing aids since one year....and T is greatly reduced because of it... U can hear the tinnitus sound only in silent environments, where ur ear doesnt get much to hear. T is too much during nights because u dont get to hear anything at all during 8/9 hrs of deep sleep.
  • Same here. My T is so loud in the morning it is all I focus on. If I put the aids in then at least I can hear other noises. I have moderate hearing loss in both ears though so unless I wear the aids I don't hear much else apart from the T. I listen to tapes all night in the ear with the T for similar reasons - it gives the brain something else to listen to. I was advised by a friend to learn to listen through the T. It took me a while to understand that - I think it means that as the T is always there try a focus on noises the other side of where the noise is coming from - hence the tapes playing into the head phone. I can't hear any other way because of my hearing loss.
  • Hi Margaret, It's Ingrid. Yes I know I wasn't going to look at this forum again, but sometimes you just have to!!!! I wear digital hearing aids and yes they do help with my tinnitus. When I get up in the morning my tinnitus is so loud that it is undescribable I can't even hear my young daughter talking to me. As soon as I put my digital hearing aids in the noise seems to decrease, but I think this is because the aids pick up every sound and amplify them which pushes the tinnitus into the background. I know that at the moment I couldn't go a whole day without wearing them. I am still seeing my therapist and using homeopathy and hopefully I will see the benefits soon. I have sent you a quick e-mail and will phone you soon.