tinnitus getting worse or better

I have posted previously.

I am 23 and have had T after loud music now for 16 days.

Now I am starting to hear a LOWER pitched noise in my right which wasn't there before.

Is this a sign of healing or is it actually getting worse not better?

someone on here said it could go away even after months, but is this gradual or sudden?
  • There is no way that I know of to know... however I just have heard of cases where it has gone away(this happening many times - it might take even over a month). From personal experiances I know that cocleah induced T usualy gets at least better. But like I already said you should avoid loud situations or it defenetly won't. Don't think about it, it won't help, don't check if it's there every 3 seconds. Just have some noise on for couple of weeks, and chances are it will go away, or you will get used to it.
  • not that loud, if i go outside I usually cant hear it.

    how do you know it will go away if it comes and goes?
  • no I haven't, it is usually just couple of hours after concert. This is probably permanent. But yet still mine and probably your tinnitus isn't that bad, I mean it is super annyoing but you can mask it pretty easily and you won't really hear it that much. luckily only my other ear has it, so I can just sleep on the other and listen to (for example) my loud computer that has been on many nights before I even had T, so not a big loss . yes it is pretty much non stop - but it still varies a lot, but like I said everyone with Tinnitus says it varies (but for me it varies not per days but per hours completly randomly).

    Anyway it maybe permanent maybe not it at least probably gets better, however you need to avoid loud places. If there is anyway just try to forget about it, and if you feel that it really brothers you go to tinnitus specialist, they can probably do something about it(like TRT). yeah and avoid silence - it will make you go nuts.
    Or acualy to the question have I had T? I think I have had minor T as far as I can remember (that comes and goes) but that's been so minor that it was litteraly like I couldn't hear it without finger in my ear heh and only sometimes ( that would be like my better ear that I consider completly normal).

    so anyway how loud is it? I think mine is something like 30-50dB which is considered moderate I belive. This is an annoyance rather than a big problem, but if I had it at 60 dB or as extreme as 90 I do go nuts, and it can happen if you stress your ears enough.
  • as i said it is NON STOP and yes it's pretty much both ears but the right ear is louder and i get other noises on and off.

    have you ever had tinnitus for as long as now? you say 5 weeks up to now. Is it non stop?