tinnitus getting worse or better

I have posted previously.

I am 23 and have had T after loud music now for 16 days.

Now I am starting to hear a LOWER pitched noise in my right which wasn't there before.

Is this a sign of healing or is it actually getting worse not better?

someone on here said it could go away even after months, but is this gradual or sudden?
  • Well... I bet it's not a sign of healing. I don't consider myself as a Tinnitus sufferer, and I only have it in one ear and I can only hear it if I plug that ear tightly, or am in a 100% quiet room, so I can't entirely speak for anyone here... however, from what I've read most people's Tinnitus is often permanent, and they adapt their lifestyle to it. There have been stories of people suddenly waking up and it's gone after 8 years, or having it go away after 6 months, etc. Has your tinnitus died down a little since the night of the concert? I went to an extremely loud Death metal concert a few months ago, and I was used to having my ears ring for a day or 2, but after this concert it was more like 4 or 5... but it did go away. I'm only left with this chirping sound deep in my right ear that I think has been there for years, yet I only notice it now that I'm aware of it.

    I think the lower pitch noise you're hearing is triggered by you focusing in too much on your tinnitus. Schedule an appointment with an Audiologist and get this checked out. Stay away from salty foods, too much sugar, aspirin, and stress! Your T may die down to a tolerable level, or go away soon. Most importantly, try not to focus on it too much at this stage...

    good luck.
  • after 16 days the chirping has become less frequent and all i am left with is a high pitched tone.

    sometimes it gets quieter, do you think it could still go away after a few more weeks?

    I got mine after loud music too.
  • I have had tinnitus for a month and a week now from what I guess to be too loud music (even though I am nor sure cause the concert was NOT LOUD but my ears did ring like F*** after it, but this happens to me very easily - even though I usualy wear plugs) anyway for me it has slowly got much better, I donno if the acual sound level has got better or if it's just that I am used to it so I don't notice it so much. You might not feel so good for a month or so, BUT it will get better, and it is possible it will go away.

    What you really need to do is avoid all concerts and stuff, (or at least always use plugs AND not be on the first row).

    I know this might sound hard but just don't pay attention to it, or check if it's there every second. And always have a VCR or something with simlar high pitched tone on.

    And as for the lower pitched tone, it probably goes and comes and goes, etc.
  • Uh yea, and most people's tinnitus being permanent is bull , almost ALL of my friends have had some sort of ringing after concert, there seem to be guys who are more resistant to it then others but anyway, even I have had T after loud stuff many, many times. It seems like noise induced T will get better with time.

    one of my friend also said he had tinnitus due to playing drums too loud - but it has also faded with time. (Now things might be a bit diffrent if acustic shock is the case)

    I wouldn't worry about it, that will just ruin your life. (but you have to avoid loud encouters or it becomes louder so that you have to hear it all the time - and then it is a problem).
  • please tell me some more information:

    What concert was this and how loud and how long were you there?

    Was it so loud that you would literally have to shout in your neighbours ear to talk to them?

    louder than a nightclub?

    and in my case is it acoustic shock?

    When you say your friends have had tinnitus how long are we talking?

    I went to a frends and he turned his very powerful system up in his small room and I was there for about 1 to 2 hours maximum sat between his speakers.

    How has your tiniitus changed over the few weeks?

    Is your tinnitus non stop day and night ? or comes and goes
    what are the signs that its healing is it a case where you wake up one day and its gone or is it gradual?

    how old are you? have you lost any hearing though?

    are you taking any medication?

    What about sensitivity to sounds...I find it painful even during normal conversation, is this a sign that the tinnitus is permanent?
    thanks alot for any advice.