Severe tinnitus

Are there people on this forum with severe tinnitus and live a happy life. I am feeling so depressed and overwhelmed. My t is so extreme loud. I don't know what to do.
  • Am profoundly deaf since the age of 6 and l am now 60, when l was younger l was able to think of something like singing in my head to get over this, or wear my aids for 20 0r 21 hrs a day, and have tried to go sleep for 3 to 4 hrs a night, l suffer this Tinnitus day and night and it alway very loud, there are some nights l don't get to sleep at all, the worst tinnitus l get is the banging which can last up to 6 hrs at a time, l cant seem to concentrate either reading -watching Tv, and lip reading when with friends, also at work, I only work for 16 hrs a week and it very flexible, l am very lucky that my colleagues at work support me (that help), there has been a few times l wanted to top myself, but still manage to fight it, yes it very distressing, if l can do this after all those years, l think you can too, it will be hard.

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