The current state of stem cell research

Hi. There's an excellent 15 minute lecture by Stefan Heller at Stanford on YouTube. Heller is one of the leading scientists in the world in the field of cochlear hair cell regeneration.

Check out

Hope this is interesting.

  • I agree with you David. I think it's a mistake to pin hopes on stem cell research as the answer to tinnitus. There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding about the mechanisms of tinnitus even among the community of sufferers. The vast majority of tinnitus sufferers are experiencing a signal that comes from the brain's autonomic and limbic systems and tinnitus perception is highly unlikely to to be fixed by trying to rebuild the ear's anatomomical structure. Even if stem cell research succeeds in the areas its currently being explored, it's highly unlikely to help tinnitus sufferers.

    By the way, thanks for posting the link. It was informative.

    I don't want anyone's hopes to be crushed but there's a need to be realistic about this, which can be hard when you're not qualified to understand the complex structure of the ear and brain. Even the world's leading scientists don't fully understand it.

    We'll see where stem cell research leads us, but personally, I think people will still be here talking about it on this forum in 5 or 10 years from now.
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