Car Noise gone!

But seriously, every so often, or perhaps even frequently, there are threads about people who are, shall we say, CONCERNED about driving. And they want to know how to reduce the noise level.

1. go to They have soundproofing material you can find at a local dealer. I've skimmed a few discussions, and it seems as if you can get somewhere between 5 and 10 dBA of sound reduction. It will cost you a few hundred dollars and take you a few hours to self install.

2. quieter tires. I love michelin tires. Auto manufacturers are notorious these days for skimping on spec. The tires are an easy, and relatively inexpensive upgrade. Not only can you reduce noise with a quality set, you obviously can improve handling at the same time.

3. earplugs. Just kidding!
  • Car noise is the problem for a human so we can reduce all kind of noise by using some kind of noise reducing materials such as generator noise reduction is the most effective material to reduce noise.

  • In my view, the noise inside a car is too low to cause immediate noise damage, but I accept that it could be painful for someone with hyperacusis. I used to think that my T was louder after a long journey, but now I think that it just 'seems' louder having got used to the masking effect of the road noise. Having said that, I know that T can, or does, get louder as a result of longer term 'cumulative' damage. So, if I'm in a noisy vehicle, I'll wear my plugs!

    Here's a suggestion: don't buy a cheap new car, buy a cheap old Merc or BMW. It may not be very 'green', but it is a lot easier on the ears. I just happen to be selling an old BMW at the moment!
  • And if I do, it's more a pride of ownership thing for the car.
  • Not yet. I may in the future, though.
  • Grandly > I agree with you really. Is car noise really anything to concern yourself with? I don't think so. To be honest, there's so many other times you have to wonder if your Tinnitus will be ok, that I can't be bothered worrying about whether my car/the train/ the bus/ the plane etc might possibly make my Tinnitus. I commute to work every day and always have done (by train) and touch wood, haven't noticed any change.