How old are people & how long have they had T for?

Hi all, had T for 15 months now, I'm 43. .... just wondered the age range of people using this forum and how long people have had T? It might just help me knowing this. Thanks.
  • fifty years of high pitched whine...about 15 K Hertz...some days louder than others, more so in right ear if wax lodges against the eardrum

  • Hello All,  I appreciate you all sharing your experiences and stories, maybe we one day we will figure out a solution together, not our Doctors. 

    I am 37 and had Tinnitus on the right ear for 2 years now, deaf on left ear due to an ear infection when was an infant.

    My latest adventures,  Just had a brain MRI, doctor found no issues; ear doctor and Audiologist weren't much help either and couldn't find anything wrong, infact they said my hearing was great. In my case, the Tinnitus is a constant low pitched hissing sound, in scale of 1-10 varies between 4-6 out of 10 depending on the time of day.

    I've tried over the counter medication, vitamins and any of the suggested supplements that was advised to try, but nothing worked for me. I find cannabis to be the only treatment that takes the edge off and helps me forget about the ringing till I fall a sleep, then tomorrow is another day and the tinnitus challenge joins the journey. 

    I am working with my dentist to see if they have missed something, it sure does feel like a never is pinched or under pressure, close to the right ear. I have had no problems with my jaw but I notice when I move my lower mouth forward the hissing pitch is increased.  

    My research is still in progress, till something new arises I will share it with you. 

    best of luck to you all. 


  • Hi I am Steve I’m 54 and had T for at least 10 years probably longer. I probably have damaged my hearing using power tools working in the building game but I don’t really remember when it started. I have a very loud dentist drill going in my head that has probably gotten louder as the years have passed, it’s there 24 / 7 and makes following conversation difficult but also my hearing is very sensitive to loud noise. I don’t really go to the doctors very often so haven’t had any treatment etc. so I just ignore it which sounds strange even to me and I sleep fine. It’s usually very loud first thing in the morning and sometimes I just try and imagine a big volume knob and slowly turn the noise down but I’m not sure it makes much difference. I have to wear ear protection or plugs etc when working now especially hammering or drilling etc even banging one nail would increase the noise level in my head. It’s annoying as I will never experience silence and just shake my head when someone says isn’t this just so peaceful, but I get by and as I say ignore it as best I can, sometimes I don’t think of it for a whole day but usually every few hours I am distracted by it then just carry on with my day . A little bit of sound can help block it out saying that I like noisy things like live football,racing cars and bikes and concerts and whilst it blocks the noise out a bit it often makes the T a bit louder for a few days. 

    Anyway if you are new to this good luck but I think it should get easier over time and if anyone thinks I could help at all please message me and I will do my best.

    Regards Steve 

  • I’m 27 and have had tinnitus since I was 13. Never stopped once and gets better and worse but always there