How old are people & how long have they had T for?

Hi all, had T for 15 months now, I'm 43. .... just wondered the age range of people using this forum and how long people have had T? It might just help me knowing this. Thanks.
  • Hi All, 

    I've been a tinnitus sufferer now for a few years, however i have recently undergone a surgical procedure that has aided the tinnitus that i have in my left ear. 

    I have recently made a video on youtube that talks about my experience with 'T'. 


    Katie Louu 

  • Hi all,

    Phil, sorry to hear it's not getting any easier for you. There does seem to be lots of anecdotal evidence about people having an ongoing struggle with T and not much about people successfully habituating to it. Maybe the latter group just don't frequent the forums as much 'cos it's not a problem for them? Here's hoping that might be true.

    To add my own story, I'm now 43 and I've had T since my early 30's. It wasn't that big of a problem and was only really noticeable in quiet environments, so I never really paid it much attention. However, it's got massively worse over the last 6mths and is now a constant LOUD companion. It's been a real struggle over this period and like many others on here I'm sure, I've had some very difficult days, thinking things that I shouldn't think. Balanced against that however, I have started to see more days where I feel more in control - I can still hear it, but it doesn't bother me as much. I'm praying that this is the start of the fabled habituation.

    A couple of thoughts that I've found useful in starting to get to grips with it;
    - think of yourself as the editor of your own daily newspaper. If your tinnitus is the front page headline every day, you're always going to be aware of it. If you can start relegating it to page 2, 5, 7 or whatever, your awareness of it will gradually reduce.
    - We need to move from a state of 'fearful monitoring', which actually feeds and maintains the T, to 'calm neutrality', which should help your brain to start ignoring it more.
    - I mentioned to an audiologist that trying to deal with it was like trying to grab hold of steam. His response was that I just need to let the steam go where it wants.

    Sounds like a load of nonsense I appreciate, but we've got to try to do something to live with it, right?
  • 12 months since I posted on here and it's the worst it's ever been.... 7 years since I got it and it bothers me daily...
  • I'm back unfortunately... Ironically went to a hearing centre to get moulds done today for custom ear plugs where they injected a mould into my ears... I've been suffering with a fullness in my ear and a new whirring sound and a whistling sound when my little girl shouts or cries. Gutted that I was trying to take measures to protect my ears and this has happened :-(
  • Hi ,73yrs had T for nearly 2yrs now (army firing rangers and bottling parlour) nearly went crazy first 6mths but just about coping now,wish it would hurry up and hibituate.