Slight sound distortion and clicking sounds

Anyone else has a slight sound distortion, which causes an additional buzzing or whistling on top of a particular frequency. This happens with water running, shaking a cellophane bag or especially listening to the white/pink noise such etc.

So far this is just an annoyance, the distortion doesn't affect music or speech. If it would, I would be hearing mickey mouses.

One of the sounds that my tinnitus has is a rapid, arrhythmic "clicking" or a drummer type noise.
I remember I used to be able to mask my T fully with a fan running at max speed when it started. After a few weeks I noticed the sound distortion and that's probably where this clicking problem got exacerbated.
This "clicking" slides through fan at max like it's nothing. I can hear it clearly over most neutral sounds at any volume. Be it over an ipod with white noise or in the bathroom when water hits water. Though it gets masked by most music, tv or outdoors.

The other ear has a faint morse code type noise, which seems to be intermittent (or just gets low that I don't notice it) and it reacts to certain noises, like a washing machine on full, engines etc.

Anyone experienced(s) the same sound distortion or "clicking"?

Could it be tensor tympani syndrome? Even though I have no other symptoms (like hyperacusis, ear ache) except a few possible TMD hints (jaw clicking if I open it wide, sometimes ear crackling when I chew, tensed neck and shoulders - bad posture). I did some extensive dental work for 4 months 3 months before T (no tooth extraction, but half the teeth got drilled).

"TMD can produce an episodic or constant spasm of the tensor tympani muscle"

I wasn't exposed to loud noise, ototoxic meds or physical traumas when the T hit me. I noticed it T while sitting at the PC, stressed for a few minutes. (there's a chance it might have happened the day before, while wearing circumaural headphones at low-medium volume).
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