Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones

I have been given as a present Bose QC noise cancelling headphones as I do alot of plane travel it was thought they may help with noise reduction but as the tinnitus is 'internal noise' I just cant see how they can help.However I dont want to just dismiss that they could be of help so anyone any experience of using noise cancelling headphone?. Mr Nagler if you are reading this post I would welcome you thoughts as I value your comments. Thanks Happy new year tomorrow.
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  • I came across this site by pure accident, because a couple of hours ago I was in a shop browsing and they had a working pair of these in John Lewis. I'd never really given them much thought so had no pre conceived ideas about them. I gave them a go and listened to the demo and thought "these things are pretty good" and walked off. I was halfway out the door and thought "Hang on" and went back and put them on sure enough, I found that my tinnitus decreased significantly. I stood there like a moron putting them on and taking them off (without the sound playing) for about 5 minutes.

    It was bliss, it's the nearest I've come to peace in a couple of decades.

    I only googled it because I can't see any logical reason why they would work, the only explaination I have is that perhaps my tinnitus is a reaction to sounds or frequencies I'm hearing outside.

    Either way, they were great - but at £300 for a pair, unfortunately I don't think I'll be buying a pair any time soon.
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