Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones

I have been given as a present Bose QC noise cancelling headphones as I do alot of plane travel it was thought they may help with noise reduction but as the tinnitus is 'internal noise' I just cant see how they can help.However I dont want to just dismiss that they could be of help so anyone any experience of using noise cancelling headphone?. Mr Nagler if you are reading this post I would welcome you thoughts as I value your comments. Thanks Happy new year tomorrow.
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  • Hi,

    I came across this topic and I wanted to mention something that i thought you should be aware of when considered Bose Quiet comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones.

    These are really fantastic headphones, i received a demo from the gentleman in the Bose store for about 30 minutes, the sales person was extremely helpful and gave me all the details about he headphones and i was able to try them out and they really do work very well.

    However, what i didnt realise until my friend purchased a pair, was that these headphones have a battery in them and if this battery runs out the headphones stop working. I do not mean that they stop working permanently, you can of course simply replace the battery, but its definitely worth pointing out because if you are travelling with these and you dont have a spare battery you simply wont be able to use them. That could be very frustrating for people with hearing loss.

    I have done a review of 3 pairs of Bose headphones at and hopefully readers here will find it interesting and useful.
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