Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones

I have been given as a present Bose QC noise cancelling headphones as I do alot of plane travel it was thought they may help with noise reduction but as the tinnitus is 'internal noise' I just cant see how they can help.However I dont want to just dismiss that they could be of help so anyone any experience of using noise cancelling headphone?. Mr Nagler if you are reading this post I would welcome you thoughts as I value your comments. Thanks Happy new year tomorrow.
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  • Hi, I came across this when researching hearing protection. I have had Tinnitus for about 10 years with an "increase in volume" since last year making it far less tolerable. I did wonder whether noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds might help but as the Tin. is in my head it seems unlikely. I'm with Musical Lottie on this one except to say that if you try them & it works for you then in my book that would be £300 well spent. Can you put a price on your eyes / ears / etc i.e. quality of life? It's less than my brother has to pay for his specs. (shocking eyesight).
    As the n.-c.'s generate (out of phase) sound it could be that they stimulate the T sufferer's "receptors" in a way that lessens or distracts the the brain from otherwise constant T effects.
    As for some people finding their T. increasing in certain environments, I have at times noticed this; mostly mine is a constant whine/whistle but some frequencies or combinations of, can really aggravate - temporarily. These would usually be fairly loud sounds - noisy cars / jet planes / screeching saws etc. So get away as much as possible from them, put fingers in ears or wear earplugs.
    Not all sounds are transmitted through your ear canals, a percentage is vibration through the jaw / skull. My understanding is that these are lower frequency sounds - the kind that earplugs don't really protect you from. Wind / air pressure on & around motorbike helmets is known to cause these low freq. vibrations & the faster you go the worse it gets.
    Anyway. I will try some of these n-c earbuds & report back.
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