Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones

I have been given as a present Bose QC noise cancelling headphones as I do alot of plane travel it was thought they may help with noise reduction but as the tinnitus is 'internal noise' I just cant see how they can help.However I dont want to just dismiss that they could be of help so anyone any experience of using noise cancelling headphone?. Mr Nagler if you are reading this post I would welcome you thoughts as I value your comments. Thanks Happy new year tomorrow.
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  • This was the second post I found on this, the first was
    In this post the writer describes something I was thinking about today. Unfortunately he didn't get any responses.

    What I am proposing are manually adjustable noise cancelling sound generators. Obviously since T. is in the mind and no actual sound wave exists, it cannot be automatic. So here comes the manual sound generator.

    It provides a sound into your ear, which has manual adjustments for pitch, phase and amplitude. The theory goes that the brain hears T. as a phantom sound, in my case fixed frequency. So I put this device into my ear and adjust the sound manually to match the frequency. Note that the brain can hear this sound too, so it has two sounds to interpret. I then adjust the phase until the combined sound decreases to a minimum. Then I adjust the amplitude to bring the combined sound to zero.

    Sounds simple to me. So please create such a device!
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