Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones

I have been given as a present Bose QC noise cancelling headphones as I do alot of plane travel it was thought they may help with noise reduction but as the tinnitus is 'internal noise' I just cant see how they can help.However I dont want to just dismiss that they could be of help so anyone any experience of using noise cancelling headphone?. Mr Nagler if you are reading this post I would welcome you thoughts as I value your comments. Thanks Happy new year tomorrow.
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  • This is an excellent question and one that I have recently been working on. I am a frequent traveler for work, and the din of the airplane exacerbates my tinnitus. It turns from a low buzz to a howl, and during long flights it can be absolutely nightmarish. I purchased some Bose Quietcomfort Bluetooth headphones and have been experimenting with them recently. I found that these actually help to bring the tinnitus "under control" if you will, meaning back to the base level which at this point in my life I barely notice anymore. By shielding my ear canal from the sound waves of the jet engines and other noises in the cabin, it seems to stabilize and calm things. If I put on music or a program during that time it becomes unnoticeable. One thing that I did realize is that blocking the ear passage fully and securely is the trick, and so have also been experimenting with Bluetooth earbuds when the occasion isn't right for the large Bose model. Of course battery life becomes an issue there, but I did some research on the topic and found this list that was helpful as well. Hope my experience has shed some light on your question!

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