Age and retraining

Hi, Does anyone know if people over 70yrs can be treated with TRT and CBT and if there is any documented results on different age groups and results plz?
  • The success rate with TRT is less than 1%. CBT and biofeedback may be a better option for you if you are 70+ as these psychological tools have been shown to be effective. My experience: 

    You could also try hearing aids with tinnitus mitigation features like the Widex Zen

  • Hi my understanding is that TRT is not age-related. TRT is formed of two parts, regular counselling sessions at least once every two to three weeks with a trained therapist and wearing white noise generators in or just behind the ears for several hours each day - which is supposed to desensitize you to the tinnitus sound.

    Because of its precise protocol Tinnitus retraining therapy is not offered by NHS hospitals as they cannot commit to regular counselling sessions every two-three weeks because of waiting lists and also are now reluctant to give white noise generators to patients because of costs so to get TRT you would need to go private.

    However, for those with significant hearing loss wearing of hearing aids would be considered more appropriate than white noise generators. Obviously I don't know for sure if you fall into this category though clearly age is a significant factor for hearing loss.

    Hope this helps.