is this spike permanent?

hello everyone, i have had a spike for 6 weeks now, my tinnitus has gone from mild to moderate.
6 weeks ago i slammed a car bonnet shut, 6 hours later got stuffy ears that lasted a week, 2 days later my tinnitus increased.

would you say this increase is permanent after 6 weeks?
  • thank you and massaging head with coconut oil or any massage oil (mixed with coconut oil) helped me

  • Hi all i first got tinnitus in aug 2009 and didnt cope with it well at first. However i managed well for 5 yrs barely noticing it in the day and i slept with a fan on at night to mask it.
    Now.....since aug 13th 2014 my tinnitus volume has increased in my left ear and i now notice it during the day. It is stressing me out snd i am anxious all the time. I also have ear fullness in my left ear.
    Can anyone tell me if its possible this is just temporary spike in volume or do i have to get used to this? :(
    Feeling desperate...
  • Dear Mick,
    Yes it is annoying but we cannot undo what happened. I know it sounds such a cliche but 'let it go'. The longer you hold onto the thought about the car bonnet the more you are delaying the process of dealing with your T as it is.

    I believe that if something was meant to happen then it's going to happen whether the trigger is a car bonnet, a man singing a sea shanty, or some other random outside event. For some reason the universe has decided that I needed to re-experience T distress and acute random anxiety. You will conquer this Mick and your life will again fall into place, you will move forward on your path and the insights you gain will serve you well in the future.

    Anyway, take care and keep in touch
  • Thanks Louise, I am just very annoyed that all it took was me slamming a car bonnet, followed by temporary threshold shift for a week after, then increased tinnitus since it happened 6 weeks ago.

    My tinnitus has gone so loud I can't believe it, I am shocked, I want my mild tinnitus back!
  • Dear Mick,

    I cannot say whether the change in your tinnitus is permanent, but what I can say is that it is best not to try to pin T down, give it deadlines, make assumptions or predictions about it. All of these thoughts only serve to give the T more power over you. The fact is, at this moment in time, your T is as it is, you have no option but to try to come to terms wtih it as it is.

    As you know I have had a relapse with my T - it became a whole lot louder and I re-focused on it and went into T distress, just like the first time round. However, what I have re-discovered, is that the moment you accept it for what it is - a noise you can do nothing about and stop hankering after the good old days when you didn't care about it - then it becomes easier to put it into perspective and learn again to ignore it.

    The one thing that occurs time and again to those who initially are upset by intrusive T, is that in time your brain naturally starts to accomodate the sound and it becomes less and less of a monster to be feared. It is however like a tidal wave that washes through your nervous system and anything that you can do to support the process of healing your nervous system will in turn help you accept and move on from the intrusiveness of your T. Some of these things are very simple, for example setting some time aside each day to do some relaxation (e.g with a CD), taking more exercise, banishing the horrible negative thoughts by reading other people's success stories. I would suggest, devising a strategy, try to take control.

    My belief first time round was that if I could live my life as if the T wasn't there - even though I could still hear it - then I would be content with that. This second time round (now the anxiety has subsided and i can think more clearly) I again accept the sense of this belief. I have stopped comparing my new T with my old T, I have accepted that I am more aware of the T because it is louder, and I have decided (quite consciously not just waiting for time to heal) to ignore the T, to stop going over the why's and where for's of how it got louder, just to stop obssessing about it. Life is too precious to waste any more of it on the nonsense in my head!
    All the best Louise