is this spike permanent?

hello everyone, i have had a spike for 6 weeks now, my tinnitus has gone from mild to moderate.
6 weeks ago i slammed a car bonnet shut, 6 hours later got stuffy ears that lasted a week, 2 days later my tinnitus increased.

would you say this increase is permanent after 6 weeks?
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  • Dear Mick,
    Yes it is annoying but we cannot undo what happened. I know it sounds such a cliche but 'let it go'. The longer you hold onto the thought about the car bonnet the more you are delaying the process of dealing with your T as it is.

    I believe that if something was meant to happen then it's going to happen whether the trigger is a car bonnet, a man singing a sea shanty, or some other random outside event. For some reason the universe has decided that I needed to re-experience T distress and acute random anxiety. You will conquer this Mick and your life will again fall into place, you will move forward on your path and the insights you gain will serve you well in the future.

    Anyway, take care and keep in touch
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