is this spike permanent?

hello everyone, i have had a spike for 6 weeks now, my tinnitus has gone from mild to moderate.
6 weeks ago i slammed a car bonnet shut, 6 hours later got stuffy ears that lasted a week, 2 days later my tinnitus increased.

would you say this increase is permanent after 6 weeks?
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  • Hi all i first got tinnitus in aug 2009 and didnt cope with it well at first. However i managed well for 5 yrs barely noticing it in the day and i slept with a fan on at night to mask it.
    Now.....since aug 13th 2014 my tinnitus volume has increased in my left ear and i now notice it during the day. It is stressing me out snd i am anxious all the time. I also have ear fullness in my left ear.
    Can anyone tell me if its possible this is just temporary spike in volume or do i have to get used to this? :(
    Feeling desperate...
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