Myringotomy and Tinnitus

I had a myringotomy over a month ago and immediately after the procedure my ear started ringing and has not stopped since. The myringotomy was for pressure there was no infection or fluid in my ear. I can't hear right because of the ringing. It sounds like electricity buzzing. Is this typical of tinnitus? It has quieted down some since the beginning. Does this mean anything? My eardrum is healed so why is this still happening to me? I never had a ringing issue before this. How did the myringotomy damage my cochlea hairs? Isn't that what causes tinnitus? Does it ever stop? Is there anything that I can take for this? Why did this happen from a myringotomy?
  • Hi MarieBlalock1

    Welcome to the forum, my name is Aaron and I work here on the Helpline for Action on Hearing Loss. We hope you find the forum a useful place for advice and support.

    You may wish to speak to your specialist or your GP about your experience since the procedure was carried out. Getting checked out sooner rather than later will ensure that any infection can be identified or ruled out and a diagnosis can be made.
    The ringing does sound like tinnitus but without being seen this cannot be confirmed. If you are experiencing tinnitus there are lots of therapies and treatments that can help you manage your tinnitus. You may wish to view our information here: Tinnitus.

    I hope this helps
    All the best from the Helpline
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