Noise Cancelling Headphones

I haven't been in the forums for a while. First of all I was getting so down about my tinnitus and hyperacusis (as well as the aural fullness, vertigo and hearing loss), and I needed to get my head together while trying to cope with returning to work.

Anyway, we had a long haul holiday booked over Easter and I was dreading the flight. My husband bought me noise cancelling headphones to help reduce the airplane noise to try and limit the hyperacusis - which is like loud tinnitus noises but caused in response to any noise in the environment including my own voice or others speaking. They worked marvellously on the flight and I was able to sleep, for part of the time, and zone out. I also found that they seemed to help with the tinnitus.

Now I'm back to earth, I have tried using the headphones a couple of times to manage some of the noise around me, but I also think they are helping with my tinnitus. I don't know if this makes any sense, as I do not actually have them plugged into any music (as this would upset the hyperacusis) but just have the noise cancelling function turned on.

I know they were expensive, but it may be worth a try. You can try noise cancelling headphones out in the shop usually to see if they make a difference (e.g. John Lewis).

I just thought I'd mention it as I get quite desperate and anything that helps is worth looking into.

Unfortunately I can't wear the headphones at work as I'm teacher and need to be able to hear the children - not to mention the looks and laughs I'd probably get. ;-)
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