Best Ear plugs

Good morning all, just wanted to gauge opinion of fellow tinnitus sufferers on the best type of ear plugs to use.
I have not been doing much socialising since my Tinnitus hit me last year, but next week I'm off to see ELO at the O2, something I don't want to miss! I'm not too close to stage so noise won't be too bad hopefully.
I have purchased both heavy duty foam plugs as well as some rubber reusable ones similar to those used by musicians (you can change the centre pin depending on how much sound you want blocked).
Both types have thier plus advantages & disadvantages. The foam block more sound, but also referberate sound around my head (foot steps, talking etc) whereas the rubber ones don't have the same effect due to having tiny pin holes in them.
Does anyone have any recommendations for either? Will the foam ones vibration in my head cause more problems than allowing a certain amount of noise in?

Many thanks for any thoughts
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