First MRI - bit worried

I'm having a brain and internal auditory meatus MRI for general symptoms in my left ear - fluttering/twitching, fullness, hearing pulse, sensitivity to loud noise. I'm a bit scared that a) they'll find nothing at all and conversely b) that they'll find something horrible in my brain that they weren't even looking for!

How long can I expect the test to last and how quickly do ENT generally follow up? Will I be sent results by letter or have to wait weeks for an appointment? Are MRIs actually useful for tinnitus?

ENT consultant said it was just for reassurance as he couldn't see anything wrong and hearing test was fine - but I have two ears so I know what a good ear (right) should feel like and know my left feels different. I also had surgery on it as a child.

Any reassurances/ideas of what to expect appreciated!
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