Scared, sad,..

Hello everyone,

I am a 29 year old male, and I've what seems something like T.

My short story:
I am a camera operator and I had those big pilot headphones, I plugged them in and heard this electrical really loud buzz.
I threw them off my head, in a matter of seconds.
But a couple of days before I went for an OHC (to checking the earinghears), just as a precaution while I ordered some earplugs.

So I was ofcourse afraid of any T or hearingloss, I didn't notice anything that day, then the next morning I woke up I noticed the ringling and tinteling in my ears, It's been almost 2 weeks now, and I'm having a hard time focussing, and last night I stayed awake for 7 hours. Shaking and being afraid. I keep reading these T-stories that make me even more scared.

I have an hard time accepting and I wonder if it might be a fragment of my imagination, since I am always quite scared that I have some issue. I do hear it, and it's not as subtle as I would want when trying to sleep, but I wonder if I always had some form of it, but never paid attention..
And the part I really can't get over, is that it was totally avoidable, I know I shouldn't put these headphones on when plugging them in. But I'm an OCD'er and it might have been compulsive, this is whats making my completly insane. Knowing that I could avoided anything..

Tomorrow I am going to an ENT-doctor.
  • Hi! Hope you are doing much better now and Xanax helped you with anxiety. I just wanted to warn you and everyone to be careful with this drug because it may be addictive. Here are some signs of getting addicted to it Take care of yourself!

  • Thanks for your reaction Vicky!

    So I've been to the ENT and they did some tests, appearantly my hearing is normal. But we all know this doesn't mean anything..

    They gave me Metrol, which I am taking as we speak. And Xanax for the axiety. Which I only take to sleep and not even every night.
    Sleeping without is is difficult though.. With it, on the other hand, the T just went away almost completely, I thought for a second I was cured.

    I am still so scared I ruined it all.. a week after my headphone accident I went to a NYE party, I did bring my earplugs and had them in, but not all the time. I had some ringing afterwards, which disappeared. But now I am afraid the hissing won't dissapear because of this louzy party..
  • Hi JurgenGeevels1,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. My name is Vicky and I work for the Information Line here at Action on Hearing Loss.

    You have done the right thing in making an appointment with ENT. They will be able to do further tests to check your ears to see if there is any underlying problems that make be causing your tinnitus. If not, you can ask to be referred to a hearing therapist for help and support with managing your tinnitus.

    There are lots of different therapies to try as what works for one person may be very different for another. You may wish to read our factsheet Tinnitus - causes and therapies for more information on what is available.

    Stress can be known to make tinnitus worse for some people so, although its sometimes easier said than done, it is important to try and keep calm and do things that you enjoy in order to try and relax. We have another factsheet Stress and Tinnitus which gives information on how to help manage your stress levels and some helpful tips on relaxing.

    Please feel free to let us know how you get on at your ENT appointment tomorrow.

    Kind regards

  • When it's not too quite it's harder to hear but more a tinteling sensation, I can't really give it a place.
    Like a really CRT monitor somewhere.
    When I close my ears it more a lower hum. When I lay on my side the high pitch is more noticable.