Scared, sad,..

Hello everyone,

I am a 29 year old male, and I've what seems something like T.

My short story:
I am a camera operator and I had those big pilot headphones, I plugged them in and heard this electrical really loud buzz.
I threw them off my head, in a matter of seconds.
But a couple of days before I went for an OHC (to checking the earinghears), just as a precaution while I ordered some earplugs.

So I was ofcourse afraid of any T or hearingloss, I didn't notice anything that day, then the next morning I woke up I noticed the ringling and tinteling in my ears, It's been almost 2 weeks now, and I'm having a hard time focussing, and last night I stayed awake for 7 hours. Shaking and being afraid. I keep reading these T-stories that make me even more scared.

I have an hard time accepting and I wonder if it might be a fragment of my imagination, since I am always quite scared that I have some issue. I do hear it, and it's not as subtle as I would want when trying to sleep, but I wonder if I always had some form of it, but never paid attention..
And the part I really can't get over, is that it was totally avoidable, I know I shouldn't put these headphones on when plugging them in. But I'm an OCD'er and it might have been compulsive, this is whats making my completly insane. Knowing that I could avoided anything..

Tomorrow I am going to an ENT-doctor.
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