Husbands tinnitus severe

]My husband has had tinnitus over 5 years and was given hearing aids which have been useless, over last 2 months it's become so severe he says it's ruining his life, can't read, watch TV , concentrate or get a nights sleep, says doctor can't help him , I'm really worried as to what to do
  • i cant offer any support sorry except to say i know exactly where he might be inn dark thoughts - i would end my life today theres only one person screams of misery that i struggle to put them through my death but its the only answer

  • It's quite common among Tinnitus suffers that it sometimes turns to severe please visit nearest ENT Specialist or Otolaryngologist

  • Hi Lynette,
    Many thanks for your support. Saw Gp today and have appointment booked at hospital next month, could not get straight to tinnitus clinic so will be with ENT. Infection ruled out.
    He has been prescribed antihistamines to aid sleep , not sure if this will work but is hopeful.
    Thanks again
  • Hi maisie

    High pitched noise...hmnnn ...know that sound . Horrid .
    Listening on headphones to drown it out may make the damage to his ears worse from the sound of the music .

    Am hoping his gp will be sympathetic and come and with a plan to help .

    I have a neighbour who has had high pitched sound for a very long time .......he keeps very busy sure brain will filter out at some point for your husband ...but I know it's not easy .

    Good luck .....and your support and understanding to your husband will be paramount .......
  • Hi Lynette, Thanks for your reply, he was always aware of the noise but was able to ignore it but it has steadily worsened over last 2 months and he says is now a high pitched loud tone that is all he can hear in his head. He is trying to listen to music via headphones to drown it out a bit . Seeing GP this week . Don't think he he listening out for it, think it's more a case of its so loud he can't avoid it to concentrate on anything else.