Struggling to cope

Hi all.

I'm new to the forum but looking for help.

I have had tinnitus all my life, well as long as I can remember. I am now 29 and really struggling to cope.

I feel myself become agitated when sitting in a 'quiet' room. Or when my partner says "did you not hear me" or "did you hear that?"

How can I reduce the sounds I constantly hear?
When will it ever begin to get a little better or quieter.

  • Stress can be known to exasperate people groups Tinnitus thus despite the fact that it might sound troublesome, it is critical to endeavor to stay cool and do things that you appreciate with a specific end goal to unwind. Tinnitus which a typical issue these days and sign of a basic condition, for example, age-connected hearing misfortune, ear damage or a blood framework issue. It will help my understudies who are learning in therapeutic field and nursing course to improve.
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