Ear ringing after ear infection


I am a little worried I hope you can help me.
I had an ear infection I finished two courses of antibiotics a week ago the infection is gone but my ear is still constantly ringing. It also feels plugged I can't hear properly. I can't sleep and it is driving me crazy.
I have seen my GP 3 times during the infection they said it should get back to normal with time. Shall I go back and get it checked?

Many thanks

  • So I'm 14. I constantly have music in my ears all the time. I use earphones. I always had the volume up all the way. Anywhere I go I always have my music in my ears on a high volume. All of a sudden something I watched on TV triggered a ringing in both of my ears. I was panicking and freaking out and worried id have tinnitus for life . Then I go to the doctors the next day. My GP looked in my right ear and it's fine. Then she checked my left ear. She said it's an ear infection then I was given steroid spray to spray into my ear because it was swollen or something and ibuprofen. She said its not tinnitus .My ear was getting better after a few days and I was calming down. And now for the past 3 days the ringing ha's got worse. All my medication is used. The ringing is now high pitched whistling and ive had no sleep at all. I'm up all night crying and crying worrying that it's permanent tinnitus from the music I used to listen to Or could it be the ear infection. It's really stressing me out badly. I'm so scared. My parents tell me that if the GP said it's an ear infection then it is and that I shouldn't self diagnose myself and that I should stop looking on the Internet. I'm starting to freak out so much. Has anyone got any advice or anything on what it might be. Please reply asap if so. The noise is unbearable. I don't want tinnitus at this age. Please reply

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