Sertraline induced tinnitus

Hi everyone
I had experienced a few bouts of (temporary) noice induced tinnitus over the years - after a noisy gig for instance. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Four weeks ago I was prescribed Sertraline for anxiety/stress/depression. I started on 25mg a day. On day 3 I noticed a continuous, low level ringing in both ears. After one week, my dose increased to 50mg and the ringing went off the wall. It was so loud I was unable to mask it. I searched the Internet and found lots of worrying stories about Sertraline and ototoxicity. It seems many people have ended up with permanent ear damage/tinnitus after taking SSRIs. I couldn't find any experiences where there had been a positive outcome, so I wanted to share my story to give reassurance to others. My tinnitus became so bad I decided to stop taking the Sertraline three days ago. I'm experiencing a few unpleasant side effects, which I'm managing. More importantly, after only two days of not taking the pills, my tinnitus level has reduced significantly. My GP has assured me that it should subside completely within a couple of weeks and judging by the improvement I've already experienced, am confident it will. If you find yourself in a similar position, try to stay calm and not get worried. Work with your GP to figure out the best course of action for you. I just wanted to get it 'out there' that SSRI induced tinnitus can be reversed.
Much love.
K x