sudden hearing loss and tinnitus. permanent or a different problem?

on monday 3rd july i didnt listen to music really and didnt experience any loud noises that day, i got home and went to sleep for a little bit, woke up around 8pm after sleeping on my left side and had ringing/buzzing in my left ear and i couldn't hear properly out of it. still to this day it is still the same i had my ears syringed today after using olive oil drops for a week the nurse said they are now completely clear and to come back to see a doctor in a week if it does not get better.

i am frightened it wont get better and i am stuck with moderate hearing loss and tinnitus. i have good hearing and why would it come on randomly? i am only 23 years old. it also sounds like the ear is vibrating or something when typing on the keyboard occasionally or listening to music. it's like its affecting the ear. and i hear sounds inside my body which is the worst. from drinking and hearing the fluid inside me, hearing my bones crack etc..i will go insane if i can't get this to go! what do i do? is this tinnitus? or something else and it bought on temporary tinnitus/hearing loss?

i dont think i will be sane enough to live with this for the next 50 or so driving me insane after 2 weeks and i am starting to get depressed over it now. it's severely affecting my everyday enjoyment of life.
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    I'd like to agree with Amy's advice. Seeking a professional is the best choice. It does sound like the hearing loss triggered tinnitus. I know that when hearing loss is involved, often times professionals suggest hearing aids. I've heard the phrase "a quiet world makes for louder tinnitus". That's something to think about. Plus, there aren't any "cures" for tinnitus, just treatment options. Here are some other options that I've found: I've just recently heard about the Widex Zen and Otoharmonics Levo System. Both are something to consider for the tinnitus. But definitely seek out a hearing specialist for the information you're needing. I hope that helps! Best of luck.

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