I scheduled a microsuction for both ears on monday and I'm really nervous, i'm told that my ears are completely blocked when viewed from the outside but i can still perfectly hear and i have no problems with it.(aside from it being itchy and sometimes uncomfortable) So i have one question, will microsuction cause some kind of complication( for example, i sometimes experience tinnitus when putting olive oil but a really mild one)? Or will it be alright??
  • Concerning your Micro-suction appointment:


    I am now deaf (-80db) from 1200Hz and higher in my left ear due to a micro-suction ear wax removal. Everything is muffled and I can no longer discern speaking in a noisy environment. I also have severe tinnitus that is driving me crazy. I had perfect hearing before.

    It was an ENT who destroyed my ear. Not one of the clinics who do not have qualified doctors on staff.

    If the wax is a little dry (such as vegetable grease or more viscous) it can clog the canula (the little tube), this makes the vacuum increases to almost -0.9 bar and it pops open with a "bang" at scientifically recorded levels up to 149dB. That sound level is equal to firecracker level or a 9mm gun being shot next to your head!

    When they are vacuuming liquid the sound levels are 120dB+. That is a sound level that can still cause damage or hearing loss.

    If you read the documents of ALL of the miocro-suction device manufacturers they clearly state that their devices are qualified only for the suction of liquid as to prevent any liability.

    In Germany clinics have stopped doing micro-suction since they can be charged with criminal physical assault under German law. Usually they try to say the person had a precondition. Luckily I had an ear test done about 4 weeks before going to the ENT.

    I work around robots and can no longer analyze the motors and motion. This has had a severe impact on my income. I have almost been injured twice when walking due to my total loss of echo-location. Since I cannot hear in my left ear I always think something is coming from the right side. Luckily my wife was walking with me and saved me each time since her hearing is normal.

    The ENTs and clinics are doing this only for expediency. They can clean out the wax manually but it takes time. More clients = more $ Worse is most are not aware of the sound pressure levels the micro-suction can produce. It is their responsibility to DO NO HARM.

    Do no take the risk. Never ever get a your wax removed by micro-suction unless you are looking for a large payment in a pain and suffering lawsuit.



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