Need help and advice on ear tube surgery

Hi, my mom did ear tube surgery in April 2016 due to the problem that keep hearing small "pop" sound after came back from travel, and also because of the pain inside her ears. The problem only occured after she came back from travel, and one thing to highlight that she is in flu when flying back, guess it caused the problem and made inflammation to her ears.

We consulted an ENT doctor and he told us to do the ear tube surgery in both of the ears in order to get it recovered which is putting a thing called "gomez/gomex" if I'm not mistaken.

However, the "pop" sound only gone for few days after the surgery and it came back again, we went back to see the doctor for few times, the first time was about 3 months after the surgery and he told us to wait 3 months more to see if the it gets better. But after 3 months we went back again and he told us to wait 3 more months again, and we did wait but the problem never be solved.

I saw some of the threads that are written that usually the "gomez" stuff will come out from the ears after 6-18 months, but in my mom's scenario it didn't, And the most important thing is the "pop" sound is still there and never get lost even after the surgery for so long time, and sometimes my mom even feels pain inside her ears.

It is almost 2 years now and the problem never been solved(the gomez are still in my mom's ears), what should we do in order to get the ears recovered? I'm not willing to see that doctor again because everytime we went to see him he keep asking us to wait and wait until the gomex to come out. And the surgery didn't help at all to smooths my mom's suffering from getting pain and the pop sound everyday.

Really need some advice from you guys, should we take the gomez out manually? Or keep waiting until it came out? Or any other solution please?


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  • Hi HohKJ1.

    I’m sorry to hear that your mother is still having difficulties. Grommets can take longer to fall out in some individuals and it is not advised to touch them or insert anything in the ears as you can cause damage to the eardrum. If you have any concerns about the grommets and the symptoms associated you would need to seek medical opinion. I understand that you are not satisfied with the ENT consultant you have been seeing. You can request a second opinion and see another consultant in the department. You should be able to call and request this or write to the department. I hope this helps, but do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

    Thanks Anna

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