After op Cochlear implant replacement


i Just had op Cochlear replacement last week (same ear), and I noticed I got tinnitus and screaming noises back (in other ear)....just wanted to check if anyone had this afterwards?? I am due to switch on 11th December!!

i did have Cochlear switch on before and never had this noise...but I did have tinnitus before I had implant in 17 years ago while wearing hearing aids...I used to suffer both ear with tinnitus sound but since first op it gone, now it back but on other ear (no op). 

I thought people get tinnitus when using hearing aids due to pitch noise from aid itself....

hope to hear someone had this experience....

many thanks


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  • The general experience that people have with tinnitus and CI's is that it is unpredictable. It seems to be clear that anything that upsets the delicate balance inside the ear can cause tinnitus. Or maybe it won't. Some people get it and some don't. Some have it for ages and for others it suddenly stops. The short story is that it appears to be random in its appearance and nature. How annoying is that? But there you go.
    There are a number of Cochlear Implant User Groups on Facebook and Yahoo if you want to talk to other implantees about it.

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