How I finally made my peace with tinnitus: One writer explains how she has lived with the bells, hums and buzzing of condition for 35 years

Marion McGilvary has suffered from the condition since she was 25. She tried acupuncture, consulted an Indian guru and visited Chinese doctors. Now she treats it like an alarm bell which warns her when she is not living well.

The bells, the bells . . . As well as a distant pealing, there's buzzing, a high-pitched hum — and now the sound of sirens.

I put my fingers in my ears, rather unattractively since I've just got off the bus, not to shut-out the noise but to listen.

This time the sirens aren't in my head: there's a real fire engine somewhere, I decide with a sigh of relief, despite the fact there is still a cacophony playing out in my head.

I try not to think about it. If I do even for a minute, there's the hum and the ringing, like swimming underwater, my ears full of gravel.

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  • Home Remedies For Tinnitus: – Tinnitus is a disease in which individual experience the buzzing, ringing or whistling echoing your head all day long. Sometimes, these noises can occur within your head and usually, one or two of your ears, though the symptom is neither psychological condition nor an illusion, if this situation is prevailing, then the affected people There may be adverse mental and emotional problems within.