Bear with me: how I dealt with my tinnitus...

Hi Folks,

I have experienced what I believe to be tinnitus, on four or five occasions. Each time for long enough to understand what an awful the condition it is.

I have developed a simple method to help myself overcome it.

As soon as I begin to experience the condition (a high pitched ringing tone in either one of my ears): I apply myself to listening intently on the sound that I am experiencing as the problem. I do mean that I apply myself pin-pointedly on listening to the offending tone.

My tinnitus disappears.

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  • Sometimes the tension in the muscles of the neck or jaw, as well as the effects of injury, can exacerbate tinnitus. A visit to a physiotherapist or chiropractor can help you a lot. When you cope with a spasm or joint disorder, tinnitus can be greatly reduced. But remember, the message should be extremely delicate. Hard, sharp movements will only aggravate your condition. Loud music is very disturbing, especially when you write something, for example, an essay. Better to get it to the service . And be patient. Health is important.

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