Action on Hearing Loss appealing to Dumbarton residents with tinnitus

A campaigning charity is urging Dumbarton residents, who worked in noisy environments when hearing protection was not legally required, to share their views and experiences of seeking support to cope with tinnitus.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is asking Dumbarton residents who have tinnitus to share details about where they have gone for help.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Teri Devine said: “Dumbarton residents who worked in the shipyards, factories, construction sites or served in the armed services – at times when hearing protection was not legally required – may now have tinnitus.

“We urge people in Dumbarton who have tinnitus to share their experiences about what steps they have taken to get information or support to minimise the impact of the condition, which can be annoying if it’s mild and intermittent or very frustrating and distressing in more severe cases.”

Residents can fill in their surveys at Paper copies of the survey can be requested by emailing or calling 07388 227407.