Learning a musical instrument helping tinnitus

I originaly posted back in December I think it was when my University were heartily unsympathetic regards my tinnitus.

I've had CT scans and hearing tests and although I was told the tinnitus was down to 'mild hearing loss', I was sitting outside the testing room and I heard the consultant say 'Her hearing is about the same as is was in 2015' at that point the consultant I saw joked I would never hear bats.

When I was along at audiology with my husband, I was speaking to one of the nurses, my husband had mentioned my tinnitus and how I wasn't coping too great. She said they had a clinic and I should get a referral. 

She also mentioned that the drugs I'm on are ototoxic. I checked that out and she was right. Checking the others in the titration i was on would be too depressing just now.

Anyway, I started playing my violin again - I'm very rubbish at it. Every day I get it out and practise. It has made a terrific difference. If I dont practice I noticethe difference.

I wondered if anyone else had found something like a musical instrument helped, I appreciate that it is diverting my attention, but the effects seem to last after i have been playing.

My tinnitus is tonal and constant and in one ear there are also various intermittent sounds. After playing everything tinnitus related is quieter for much longer.

I just thought I would see.

Still waiting on my referral to the clinic from the GP, so I'm glad I've found something.