Tinnitus Research Campaign - Please Get Involved!

Hi, I’m new here but I’ve been actively participating in the tinnitus community since 2015. Recently, a member of another forum passed away, so in his honour I have set up a fund, with the help of a few others (including Tinnitus Hub, and the BTA), and we are raising money for curative research. My belief is that there simply isn’t enough money going into tinnitus research and I want this to change. In the process we are also raising some much needed awareness. So far, we have raised over £1600 in three days. I believe this campaign has the potential to be really big, but we need to push it further.

Daniel was a caring, smart, and helpful guy. He suffered from Tinnitus and Hyperacusis before developing visual snow. He had so much to deal with in his short life and yet he still helped others. 

so, please get involved. Either like and share the campaign on your social media, and/or donate if you can afford to. Every penny makes a huge difference.

Let’s do something, together, and help rid this awful affliction from the planet.