Sound reactive tinnitus

Hi, anyone get any positive help with sound reactive tinnitus did it improve as mine is getting me down. I’ve had to take a break from driving as it’s getting so bad 

  • Hi Berkwithamerc,

    Thank you for your post.

    Have you tried any therapies since you started to experience tinnitus at all? 

    Although there is not a cure for tinnitus just yet, unless an underlying cause can be found, there is a lot of research taking place.

    There are lots of different therapies and products that can help people to manage their tinnitus in order to get to place where it is no longer bothersome for them. You may wish to read our Tinnitus publications for more information on what is available to help. Some of these therapies are done on the NHS with a hearing therapist. The service isn’t always available in all hospitals but your GP can refer you to one that does offer this. 

    I am sure other forum users will be along shortly to share with your their own experiences.

    Kind regards


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