Volunteers for Tinnitus Research Required!

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Sonam Rughani and I am a MSc student and a practising Audiologist conducting research regarding tinnitus and novel treatment options. As you may know tinnitus is a highly debilitating condition affecting the quality of life of many suffers (including myself)!  There is currently no effective treatment option and research into tinnitus is greatly lacking. As such this proposed study aims to investigate novel treatment options to relieve tinnitus symptoms.

 I am currently recruiting participants to be included in this study. The proposed study involves filling out short questionnaires and a 4 week treatment period which can all be completed at home. You would not be required to travel anywhere and will incur no costs related to the study as all components are provided. If you are interested please read the attached information sheet and consent form. Your participation  in the study would be greatly appreciated or alternatively if you know who would be interested in participating in the study please forward this email to them. A prompt reply would be appreciated as I will be commencing the research soon.

Kind Regards,

Sonam Rughani

Participant Recruitment form.docx

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