New here. Tinnitus in both ears. MRI found microvascular compression loops on both sides. More prominent on left.

Having tinnitus in both ears since 2014.

3 weeks ago tinnitus increased in left ear.

ENT ordered an MRI of brain and auditory canal last week.

Everything in the report is unremarkable, except there was a lengthy description saying the below lines:

"7th, 8th bilateral complexes are seen surrounded by vascular loops.

AICA appears to be forming into a loop both sides and entering into internal auditory meatus, reaching half of meatal length.

More prominent on left, as AICA is in contact with the posterior margin of left 8th nerve at the region of nerve's origin from the pons."

I am scared as to what this really implies. ENT did not care to explain me about this (I doubt if he even read it).

ENT looked at the MRI scans and asked me if I have tinnitus on left side, I said it's present in both ears, but more on the left, then he simply replied that I have sinus on left side. (Incidentally I had terrible cold and runny nose the day I underwent MRI, but the tinnitus spike happened 2 weeks before MRI scan).

Then when I was expressing a concern about my pain at the back of the head, behind both ears, he gave me a blank stare and said I am just freaking out over nothing and overthinking.

He put me on Rebamipide + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Acetylcysteine and methylcobalamin + folic acid + Vit B6 + D3 pills, and other medication to clear out my sinus.

I see very little (and conflicting) literature about vascular loops online and in this website.

I really am scared what these vascular loops could mean for my health.

Should I approach a neurologist now? Should I just continue taking what ENT prescribed?

If there's anyone with some insight on these vascular compression loops, I could really use your advise.

Please, help me out :/

Thank you!