tinnitus fluctuates severelly

Hi all, 

This is my first post in this forum i just came across.  

I have Meniere's Disease.  I have profound hearing loss in my right ear.  I have had MD since 2005.  I have had tinnitus since 2011 - 24/7.  I find my T can be manageable/ignorable but when it is soooo loud it will wake me from sleep and suck the life out of me.  This is what happened this morning and it is raging loud. It brings me down and I notice i have great difficulty concentrating and have issues with my memory.  I have an active 4.5 year old boy so there are very demanding days.  I wonder why sometimes my T can be "ok" then get really loud. I can't pin point a reason or factors.  I know stress can make it worse, caffeine as well but if those are kept constant, I still experience the severe fluctuation. Can someone explain what is exactly going on in the ear that make T get louder or softer?  

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  • Hi simplnsweet 

    Thank you for your post. My name is Jess and I work on the Information Line for Action on Hearing Loss. 

    It can be difficult to say why tinnitus fluctuates as there are so many possible causes which could be a factor such as stress, which you've already touched upon. It could be to do with illness if you have or have had a cold/virus, trauma or injury to the head and some medications etc. 

    Have you ever thought about keeping a daily log to see if you can notice a pattern emerging when you have these fluctuations? It may help you to see what happened that day or indeed the days leading up to it as it does always happen instantly and can be a delayed effect of something occurring.  

    Do you use any particular techniques to try and help you manage/ ignore it such as sound therapy? These can be really helpful to a lot of people but some people may find that when they are having a particularly bad day or time with a fluctuation they may need to use a different technique to what they would usually use. It can be a little bit of trial and error to find what works for you though so as difficult as it can be try not to put too much pressure on yourself with a time frame- it is different for each individual. 

    Please do feel free to get in contact with us directly if we can help further. 

    Kind regards


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