20 year old with severe tinnitus...please help

I created this account because im really desperate and can really use some positivity to help me keep my sanity.This might be long so please bear with me.I've had tinnitus since forever,i cant exactly remember when i got it but probably quite young.At first it was mild and i actually didnt think it was a condition untill i was 14 when i asked some friends whether they heard a ringing noise in their ears in silent environments.As years went by due to listening to loud music with headphones with also developing TMD and ETD my tinnitus got worse and eventually reached moderate levels.Howether it still didnt bother me and i was able to live a tinnitus-free life.That changed about two weeks ago or so i think...Now i have allergic rhinitis which in turn gives me ETD.Due to that i have two different noises in my ears( one in my right and one in my left) but both distinct from my high pitched noise induced tinnitus.I know the allergy causes them because once it subsides(usually during summertime) the two noises fade away.Now i went to an ENT to get some meds for my allergy,he gave me medrol (methylprednisolone) and a nasal spray for 8 days and told me to phone him after the course to inform him on my situation.What that butcher also did was clean some wax that had been built up on both my ears via microsunction.He did 5 minutes each ear and the noise was insanely loud...i told him it bothered me but he reassured me the noise was harmless to my ears and me like the fool that i am believed him and just stood there.After the procedure we did a hearing test and a tympanometry,both came up fine.So i took the cortisone and the spray and although the two noises almost dissappeared as my stuffy nose unclogged,on the last day of the course of the therapy all of the sudden my ''normal' tinnitus got extremely loud,its almost unbearable,it has never been like this,it used to be a 5 now it got to a 10.What can i do?Is it because of the microsunction?(i may have suffered what called ''hidden hearing loss"" because ive noticed i have difficulty hearing conversations even in medium-noised environments,when i had no trouble with such thing in the past)i called the ENT to ask him about it but he said that the microsunction had nothing to do with my tinnitus spike,,,i dont think i believe him...should i go to another ENT to ask for another course or prednisolone and maybe some vasolidators to help my ears heal or is two weeks after the loud noise exposure already too late??Also can the tinnitus spike be due to hormone changes(i havent have acne since i was a teenager but it returned to a small degree during the cortisone course)...I'm way too young for this...i have been very miserable these days and tired probably because i barely get any sleep...any advice and support would be greatly appreciated.

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