its been 18 days shh sounds my ears need advice

this not created by loud noise i got a lot earwax my ear then got water stuck my ear finally got out accidently poke some thing Qtip feel it but lightly touch not super hard and after ears clean out tiny blood and after few days my right ear stop making noise from earwax and then i pop my ears both pop then this shh sound happened but both my ears inflamed  and it was louder but the noise is lowering slowly over 18 days and today i had high pitch noise in my right ear that created sound both ears but my left one little louder then my right that created this issue & i try one time after this happen i hold my noise both eardrums hold air and open up so my eardrum are not torn but my right eardrum i had ears clean out feel peroxide touch my eardrum it was freaking out fluttering and vibrating  with not clicking or nothing else but touching it lightly qtip made it inflamed and to spams.

i can watch tv 10 volume i barely hear sound in my right ear but my left ear making more noise and sound then my right ear and white noise background helps i seen improvement before listening music xbox i couldnt or use my laptop because of fan noise would bother my ears badly but now it doesnt bother my ears badly anymore.

no loud noise created this issue or anything just a lot earwax and water trap my ear and touch softly on my eardrum but i didnt lose my hearing or anything i can hear perfect same out both ears .

  my fan from xbox been blocking out noise i almost cant hear it but i can hear it little bit in my  left ear when i use xbox on volume 6 .

i didnt listen to nothing super loud or blowed my eardrums anything with music or nothing.

it was louder with nothing in background or playing games noise is slowly lowering down and now i am able watch movies & listen to music before i couldnt watch them or listen  it would hurt both my ears make .me feel uncomfortable  and using a fan but now i am able use a fan without it bothering me on low or high now.

i been seeing improvement slowly through weeks i hope it not permit i never deal with nothing like this before in my life .

i want the best answering and serious answers if this is going be permit no holding back i want the full truth so i can figure out how to live life with this for my whole life & try to be happy .


it was louder but after i hit 18 days in total and 15 days with no water or ect in my ears it isnt that loud it is slowly dying down with white noise and  when i use  white noise my left ear louder then my right ear that is the ear with the issue and my right ear i dont hear noise most of time but only in my left on volume 6 on my video game and i had high pitched noise my right ear that went away few seconds and try again it fully stop and my left ear seem like sound fully left it and when sound right high pitch stop went back to normal low it went back into my left ear but i only had happen 2 days out of 18 days.

the saying goes when things slowly get better it can always turn around get worse or seem got better and turn around to be the worse i shouldnt painc its only been 18 days but i read tinnitus on wiki if it doesnt stop in 48 hours or week then it means its bad signs it can be permit or never go away but the deadline a lot people say if it goes 6 months it permit but i want truth if it doesnt stop at 1month is it permit or can go away and 6 months is the deadline no holding back i need honest answer from people that had tinnitus go away .

my family member had hearing loss and said it take him 1 month he used guns stuff for his hearing come back eardrum heal ect.

i am getting checked out by doctor again all he could see inflamed ears i dont think i tear hole in my eardrum its because when my ears pop wouldnt it just make me not able hear out my right ear and there nothing wrong with my left ear the right ear is making my left ear make sound and noise its triggering my left her with sound but it makes no common sense that my left ear more louder then my right ear but that is good my right ear is healing before my left .

if you have kids or family make sure tell them grip ears pump it get water out and never panic try use qtip and teach them all this so they know and dont make mistake like this .

i cant hear noise outside or when i am sleeping i hear no noise its just when room super quite  and seem same volume there no noise both ears but my left still seem louder then my right but if my right ear is the thing created issue with the sound and noise then why is my left ear louder then my right and they both didnt lower down to same level of noise .

i want people honest answers and dead serious answer do you think this permit or it will eventually go away i know its early ask when 19 days but i am getting close to a month soon !......

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    Thank you for your post.

    Has your GP referred you to Ear, Nose and Throat before at all? They will be able to do further tests to see if there are any underlying reasons as to why you are experiencing the tinnitus. Everyone experiences tinnitus in different ways and the cause of the tinnitus can differ too. For some people it can be temporary as a result of excess wax, infection, perforation etc. Other people may experience it due to noise exposure, certain medication or trauma to the head/neck/ear. You may find our tinnitus publications helpful to read - - Once you have had more tests, an ENT consultant or Audiologist will be able to give you a better idea of whether you are experiencing the tinnitus as a result of something else or can advise you on management techniques for the tinnitus. 

    Please feel free to keep us updated with how you are getting on.

    Kind regards