Need advice please - ENT diagnosis feels incorrect


First time poster. I recently had a visit to an ENT who diagnosed me with hearing loss in one ear. This was the result of the hearing test only. I am approaching 40 and never had any hearing problems before.

It all started when I was walking through (not attending) a street music event where the music was too loud. I felt the vibration in my right ear but everything was fine as I was only there for the period of walking past it (approx 5 minutes), it was crowded. The next morning I woke up and i had a fullness in my ear like it was clogged. I went to the medical clinic a day later and they put me on nasal steroid spray and decongestants for 3 weeks and told me to come back if it did not improve. It did not so I went back and they referred me to and ENT doctor in the royal eye and ear in london. 

My symptoms are the following

Clogged right ear - relieved momentarily by doing the valsalva manoeuvre. 

Clogged right nostril (sinus) which cannot be relieved

Ringing in my right ear - constantly

A wam feeling at the back of my ear and some irritation inside.

I have the otovent as i though it might be to do with ear pressurisation and it relieves the pain momentarily.

The ENT's diagnosis from the hearing test results was permanent hearing loss, not Eustachian tube dysfunction or anything else.

The thing that is worrying me is the feeling that something is wrong, much more than just some hearing loss as the symptoms just feel a bit different. The warm head and clogged ear particularly.

I am not a doctor and dont know but i am not sure how to proceed from here. I have been to the ENT and their diagnosis was hearing loss but what explains the warm sensation in the ear, the clogged feeling and the temporary release from them when i open the eustachian tube. 

Is there anyone reading this that has experienced the same symptoms and knows what i am speaking about. I am worried it is a tumour of some sort.

Thank you for reading and for your advice in what is a very anxious time.