Ears constantly vibrating!

Hi I have this really annoying vibrating sound and feeling in my ears its constant never stops, I think its tinnitus but how do I know? 

  • Good morning LaLa89,

    The vibrating sound may be tinnitus, it may be worth getting a referral from your GP to the ENT department so they can either confirm its tinnitus or check if there is another cause. Tinnitus can sometimes be caused by excess earwax that may be causing a blockage.

    There are many different things which you can do to assist with tinnitus. In most cases, tinnitus improves slowly over time by a process known as ‘habituation’. This is where you reach a state of mind where you no longer find your tinnitus bothersome and are no longer overly aware of it. Habituation is the main aim of tinnitus therapies.

    There are different therapies available to help manage tinnitus and reduce the impact that it has on your life. With the right guidance, individuals should be able to find a therapy, or combination of therapies, that works for you. The following can help:


    • counselling
    • seeing a clinical psychologist
    • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
    • tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)
    • sound therapy
    • complementary therapies.

    To find a therapy which is suitable for you, we would encourage you to contact your GP who can refer you to a Hearing Therapist who specialises in tinnitus and will be able to offer the best guidance and support.

    You can view our literature on Tinnitus here.

    Many thanks

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