PLEASE HELP IM PANICKING - ear infection and tinnitus

Hi all I have recently developed an moderate ear infection that has moved from one ear to the other and for the last few days I've been experiencing a slight ringing in one or both of my ears (I can't tell) that seems to go along with my heartbeat. It's not too loud I only notice it when I think about it and especially when I'm alone or trying to sleep. I think I've had slight Tinnitus for most of my life but it has never bothered me since it seemed to be a consistent ring I only heard in complete silence. Im a total hypochondria and have OCD and panic disorder and I feel like I'm loosing my mind worrying about this. I just got on antibiotics a few days ago and I can't tell if it's making any difference my ears don't ache anymore but still feel clogged and have been making a lot of crackling/popping sounds which my doctor said was good. I was reading on the forums and some others who said to have gotten ear infections said the Tinnitus never went away or took months to stop and I'm freaking out I don't know if I could mentally handle that. I'm 21 and since I was little I've always been afraid of repetitive sounds getting stuck in my head and driving me insane and I feel like that's what's going to happen now. Has anyone had an ear infection that this has happened to and has went away quickly or is this something that will never stop or really take months. PLEASE I really need some reassurance that I'm just freaking out I'm absolutely petrified this will go on forever or something.

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  • Hey! I had gotten tinnitus from an ear infection + syringing of the ears and I like yourself am a hypochondriac and I went through SEVERE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY FOR 2 WEEKS!! I thought my life was over and its hopeless and that itl never go away! But have hope yours will go away!! I got mine from an ear infection just like you and I think ive always had tinnitus as well!!

    And in the case it doesnt go away YOU WILL HABITUATE AND COPE I PROMISE!!! IN THE MEAN TIME STOP READING HORROR STORIES. That made my tinnitus A MILLION TIMES WORSE you need to not panic and i know its freaking difficult to not panic BUT YOU HAVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE for the next couple weeks and distract yourself! or else your tinnitus will decide to stick around and drive you insane. I am 99% sure your tinnitus will go away because it was caused by an ear infection. Your ear is still swollen and its clogged so it takes time for the ear drum to get back to normal. Trust me Ive been to 4 ear doctors. Just wait about a month!! I lived a terrible 2 weeks with it but the 2 weeks after that i learned to cope and now im pretty much tinnitus free!! I literally am living my life normally and I honestly dont notice it at all anymore unless i deeply concentrate. If it doesnt go away you will eventually learn to live with it to the point where it seriously wont bother you. I know that may be hard to understand but you gotta trust me on this. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! For now hang on to the hope that it will go away. And since you got an ear infection tinnitus just like me I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that yours will go away forever. 

    Keep your head up. Dont worry youll be fine! 

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