My tinnitus

Hi all

I have had tinnitus for the last 30+ years and have tried loads of things to help but none of it worked or even helped,it is just one of the many things we have to put up with in life.

Don't get me wrong it is very annoying but to a certain extent as long as the tone doesn't change you can sort of get used to it,mainly my tinnitus is like the steam coming out a pressure cooker,but when the tone changes and it will quite often that is when it gets really annoying,but it always changes back.(for me anyway)

But just recently my tells me that my hearing is getting worse (I told her that no it wasn't I was just ignoring her) but she is correct I have noticed it so I had a test at a high street shop and they said that I was having trouble with the higher frequency and the tinnitus was the possible reason but being old won't help,they said that hearing aids would help and they may help the tinnitus as some have some sort of generator to mask the tinnitus,then they told me the price and i had to sit down and I said that I would not make a snap decision and I would have to think on it.

When I got home I started doing research and was astonished how many different types and manufacturers there are the big difference in price so I thought ok best I find a forum to read and get feedback and here I am


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  • Meditation vs Tinnitus
    Hey there,

    So for a while now I’ve been aware of the wonderful medical benefits Meditation may provide. However recently I read this article.
    It blew my mind to say the least. Never in a million years would I have thought that Meditation could help against such a common disorder like Tinnitus.  But since Tinnitus can be correlated to stress I guess it makes sense.

    However with many cures, the theory may be too good to be true.

    So I was wondering if anyone here had any personal experiences to share. Have you tried meditation against Tinnitus or other hearing disorders? How did it work out?

    Kindest Regards


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