Tinnitus, Difficulty Communicating, Perception, Winter-Related?


So every since mid-november I've been having trouble with my hearing. This happened last year too around the same time. I started to think the cold weather was the reason for the loss in hearing, difficulty speaking, and communicating. I got my ear wax drained and that helped, but I'm still having a hard time communicating with people. I'm going to an ear appointment on Jan. 3. I also have tinnitus and am very sensitive to loud noises. Also, things don't feel real sometimes. I feel like I've lost my sense of perception. I look at a tree outside, and it's hard to believe it's there sometimes. I really think it's related to winter, because in the summer I'm fine. And then two days ago, the weirdest thing happened. My brother did his juul in the car, and I must have caught the second hand buzz because I felt a head rush. But ever since then, my brain has not felt the same. I feel like a completely different person. I'm freaking out, because I don't understand how the nicotine could be trapped in my brain, and how it could actually have this much of an effect. And I'm still dealing with the difficulty communicating and talking. It's so hard to be myself. I'm also having a really hard time concentrating, so I'm sorry if this makes no sense at all. Explaining things is really challenging. The nicotine amplified this problem, but I have absolutely no idea how that's possible, and it's not just me over thinking things. I am concerned.

Thank you so much for any comments.