I'm 41 and have had recurring ear infections for as long as I can remember. They have started to get less frequent at the moment. I also struggle to pop my ears after a plane journey, especially my right ear. 

I have been trying to carve a career in music but am having problems with my right ear. I have dullness in the range, 4k upwards, and went to see the ENT this week . I also saw an audiologist and said my left ear was about right but my right ear had loss from 4k upwards. He did a test with headphones but also with some other thing that didn't go over my ears (but i could still hear the beeps?).  I was told that I will have to have an MRI scan on my ear. I asked about eustachian tube issues and he said there is no evidence of this. I do also suffer with what feels like a blocked nose on my right nostril far more than my left nostril. Sounds gross but if I want to blow my nose, my right nostril is harder to blow than my left. I mentioned this to THE ENT and he said it was fine. 

Any ideas? Truly broken hearted if my music career is over


  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your email.

    The  other test was most likely a bone conduction test to see if you can conduct sound through the bones of your skull which links directly to the cochlea in your inner ear. It helps the audiologist to determine if there are problems in your outer or middle ear.

    The MRI scan will hopefully allow your consultant to identify if there is a problem at all and what might be causing it. We are not medically trained, so it is difficult for us to advise exactly what might be the problem in this case.

    Even if it is decided that hearing aids may be an option for you, that doesn't have to mean that your music career would be over. Most aids now come with a dedicated music programme to enable musicians to continue to enjoy music, should you have to go down this route.

    Kind regards

    Vicky on behalf of the Information Line

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