Dental drilling a cause of tinnitus? Is it actionable?

Following a long stint in the dentists chair back in October when an old filling was removed and a new one inserted, I almost immediately developed a ringing in the ear on the side where the offending molar was situated. It was diagnosed as tinnitus and has not abated.

Why my dentist is dismissive that his intense and lengthy drilling with high  frequency equipment had nothing whatsoever to do with my condition imakes no sense to me. Furthemore my GP and ENT specialist remain also sceptical as to dental treatment being the cause. I’m aware that the causes of tinnitus remain largely a mystery as do the workings of the inner ear, but, as an otherwise healthy 58 year old retired lawyer and now fitness professional, the link is obvious, and other than thinking medics are closing ranks on this issue, I cannot conceive of why dental treatment is not considered as a real cause of the condition and efforts made to reduce the risk or eliminate it entirely. Perhaps a test case is called for to ensure dental practitioners become much more aware of the dangers of lengthy, continuous drilling and the clear damage that this causes to the inner ear.

I know 1 contributor, Vectorvictor, some 6 years ago, described an almost identical scenario and it would be good to hear from him or anyone else who has suffered in this manner.